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Creating A Better Driving Experience

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Trucker Life: How To Dress Up The Used Semi You're Buying To Build Brand Recognition

More than 700 billion dollars was generated in the trucking industry in 2014, so enjoying the trucker life can be both profitable and adventurous. Your income will depend on a variety of things, including how effectively you market your services to potential clients. The good news is that those potential clients are literally everywhere, and you never know when you'll come across one. A great way to optimize your marketing efforts is to build brand recognition by decking out your semi truck. Here are a few fun ideas to consider:

Colorize It

Giving your used semi truck a new paint job will not only attract passersby, but it can help build your brand if you use the right colors. The best colors to use are those that you've incorporated into your logo so that your truck is recognized and associated with your business. If your logo doesn't include colors, consider using those that invoke emotions in people such as:

  • Black sends a message of authority.
  • Green is easy on the eye and offers a refreshing quality.
  • Yellow grabs attention and makes people happy.

Consider painting your rig a base color and accenting it with one or two other emotion grabbing colors to ensure optimal exposure.

Add Your Logo

Integrating your logo into your truck design is a great way to introduce yourself to the public and get your brand known by potential customers. There are a variety of places you can include your logo such as:

  • On the mud flaps.
  • On the back of your side view mirrors.
  • On the doors.
  • Along the bumpers.

You can also put your logo on the window shield in a place where it does not have an affect on your vision when you're on the road. Professionally created stickers or decals should hold up well to all weather conditions as you travel.

Encourage Communication

It's a good idea to create a call-to-action by putting your phone number somewhere on your truck, which will encourage people to give you a call without having to look you up in a phone book or on the internet. Your phone number should be large enough to read when driving by at high speeds, so go for a decal design that's at least six inches in height to maximum visual saturation. You may want to put your number on multiples sides of your truck so people can see it whether they're behind you or driving past you while they are going the other direction.

Invest in a Quality Mural

A fun way to dress up your semi truck and tell your company's story is to have a quality mural painted on the hood. The mural can depict what kinds of products you specialize in hauling or display an image of a strong mountain lion or other animal that isn't afraid to work hard. The idea is to create an impressive visual that gives people an idea of what they can expect if they choose to do business with you. You'll want to put a coat of clear protective paint on your mural about once a year to minimize chipping, scratching, and dulling due to the weather.

Give Away Flyers

Giving away flyers is a surefire way to rev up your customer base, because flyers can be taken home by potential customers so you aren't forgotten about as they move about their lives. You don't have to be present in order to hand out flyers. Instead, your semi truck can do it for you.

Simply attach a heavy-duty plastic flyer dispenser to the side of your truck and fill it with flyers when the stock gets low. Make sure the dispenser has a secure top so water won't seep in when it rains or snows. People can then pick up a flyer when they have interest in your company and refer to it when they're in need of your services.

These marketing techniques will ensure that potential customers keep your trucking business in mind next time they need to transport their goods to another part of the county – or maybe even across the country. Keep these tips in mind as you look for your used truck on sites like