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Creating A Better Driving Experience

When was the last time you really thought about what you wanted in a car? Although it can be easy to focus more on price than anything else when you start shopping for a new ride, some features can matter a lot more than others. For example, are you really going to use that sound system, or will that four-wheel-drive system actually come in handy during the wintertime? My blog discusses different trends in the automotive industry, so that you can think about whether or not you would be able to use the latest and greatest features. You never know, a little forethought might save you from buying a car you won't actually enjoy.

Ready To Replace Your Worn-Out Pickup? The F-150 May Be The Reliable Hauler You're Looking For

If you need a truck that can reliably haul and tow heavy loads without breaking the bank in fuel costs, the new F-150 may have you covered. While it may not be the fastest on the market or provide the most torque, the new F-150 line has unmatched hauling and towing capacity, making it an ideal replacement for your worn out work pickup.

It Has A Meaningful Best-In-Class Towing Claim

In the years gone by, car and truck manufacturers all had their own standard for determining vehicle quality. Unfortunately, this led to different rules being used to measure each new vehicle, and many conflicting claims of best-in-class status from various companies. To combat this, the Society of Automotive Engineers consulted with each manufacturer to create a unified standard that all companies could agree to use.

2015 will be the first year Ford adopts this new standard, and the resulting comparison with other trucks is incredibly favorable. The F-150 boasts several engine options, two of which have the best towing capacity for their size compared with other half-ton trucks. A properly equipped F-150 can be fitted to tow up to 12,200 lbs, the current maximum for a truck of its size. If hauling is more your style, the F-150 can carry a 3,300 lbs payload, which is hundreds of pounds more than its same-class competitors can handle.

The EcoBoost Engine Is More Efficient Than Ever

The Ford Ecoboost isn't a new concept, but the 2015 engines are an entirely different animal from previous models. Nearly every part of an engine that matters has been stripped out and reworked to create a far more streamlined and compact motor that can still deliver the power truck drivers need. New EcoBoost engines utilize dual-injection and an anti-lag system to keep power flowing consistently to the truck. The result is an across-the-board increase in horsepower and torque, while engine sizes shrunk significantly. 

Despite offering engines with lower fuel capacity, the new F-150s are still reliable workhorses. The smallest engine, a 2.7L EcoBoost V6, for example, still provides 325 horsepower and 375 pound-feet of torque, making it stronger than many larger engines. The more popular and powerful 3.5L EcoBoost motor overpowers every other V6 on the market, and can even beat all but two competing V8s for horsepower and torque.

As for fuel efficiency, F-150 trucks get around 22 mpg in combined city and highway driving. While that may be a low number for cars in general, it's still a good efficiency level for the average modern pickup. 

New F-150s Are Super Lightweight

The engines aren't the only parts of the new F-150s that have lost weight. Continuing the trend started back in 2014, even more of the F-150's original steel frame has been replaced with aluminum. Since aluminum is significantly less dense than steel, auto makers can use more of it while still lowering the overall truck weight. This allows the truck to be mostly aluminum with a steel supporting skeleton.

All in all, the replacement of large steel sections managed to shave a whole 700 pounds off of the total truck weight. This lightness makes the F-150 more agile and easier to handle than previous models, and also contributes to its impressive hauling power. Plus, a lighter truck will wear through its tires more slowly and cause less damage to your driveway over time.

If you need a truck that can reliably haul large loads, the new F-150 might be your cup of tea. It's not the strongest half-ton pickup on the market, but it can carry the most weight, and its light aluminum body makes it easier to handle when driving without a load. Before you commit to a replacement truck, consider giving the F-150 a test drive. That way, whether you choose it or not, you can be sure you aren't missing out.