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Creating A Better Driving Experience

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Common Rolling Tarp System Problems And How They Are Fixed

Everything made by human hands only works so long. Eventually, everything manufactured needs repairs. When you have tarp systems on your trucks, the tarp systems will eventually have problems, too. The following examples show common tarp system problems and how they are fixed. 

Torn Tarp

Tarp cloth is very strong and very durable. It takes a lot of beating before it can weaken in any one spot. Chances are if you have had a tarp on a tarp system for some time, it has taken this long before it started to rip. Small rips are repairable with patching and stitching. Larger rips, from the top of the tarp to the sliding track, will need to be replaced in order to be aesthetically pleasing and professional looking again. 

Sliding Frame Jammed in the Tarp Track

Tarp systems can be opened and closed along a sliding-track system. On occasion, the frame gets jammed up in the track system. It will not budge, making it impossible to open the tarp all the way to the point you desire to open it. A repair technician has to find out why the system jammed and then fix it. Sometimes it is as simple as replacing one of the casters in the track. Other times an entire frame section has to be replaced because it was accidentally bent in transit, bent in a trucking accident, or bent when something fell on top of the tarp system. 

Bent Frame

These systems are comprised of a series of skeletal frames over which the tarp is stretched and attached. If even one of these frame components is bent, the whole system suffers. It takes a lot to bend a frame piece, but once it is bent, it has to be replaced completely. You would need to detach the tarp according to factory instructions and ship the bent frame to the company before you can get a replacement component. A repair technician from the company is likely to arrange an appointment to help install the new part on your truck for you once the part is ready. 

Missing Tarp Ties

Sometimes tarp ties come undone and go missing. Sometimes a situation arises where a tie or two has to be cut loose to get something out of the truck. Replacing the tarp ties is simple enough, and you can even order extra ties when you place an order for your tarp.

These simple repairs will help ensure that your tarp systems stay in good repair throughout their lives.